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Final versions of accepted papers must be submitted on EDAS for inclusion in the conference CD-ROM and IEEE XploreŽ. Before submission on EDAS, each paper must have at least one Full or Limited Registration even if the presenting author is a student. For multiple paper presentations, one author registration is valid for up to three papers. The PIMRC'12 Committee reserves the right not to include in IEEE XploreŽ the papers that are not actually presented by one of the co-authors at the conference.

Note: Use EDAS for final paper submission

In order for your paper to be in the conference proceedings and IEEE Xplore you need to complete the following steps:

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revise your paper

Please read the reviewers' recommendations for revising your final paper. Note that both the title and author list of an accepted paper can NOT be changed in the final manuscript. When you are done with revising, please print out your paper and proofread it. Review formatting requirements can be found here.

Your final manuscript should:
» Have no page numbers and no headers/footers
» Use a non-zero PDF top and bottom margins (typically, at least 0.5 inches) to help indicate if there are any page numbers.
» The manuscript must follow IEEE two-column format with single-spaced, ten-point font in the text. The maximum manuscript length is six (6) pages. All figures, tables, references, etc. are included in the page limit. PIMRC will accept papers up to 1 extra page for $150 (+ 10% GST) extra charge per page.

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check your paper with ieee pdf express

IEEE PDF eXpress has been made available here for checking the IEEE Xplore compatibility of PDF files and provide assistance to authors to correct problems with their files. The conference ID is "PIMRC12x". This tool must be used before uploading your final paper.

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register to the conference

1. At least one author must register with the conference by 24th June 2012. IEEE policy states that all accepted PIMRC'12 technical paper presenters must register at the FULL or LIMITED (member or non-member) rate. For Conference registration information, visit here.
2. For authors presenting multiple papers, one FULL or LIMITED (member or non-member) registration is valid for up to three (3) papers.
3. It is imperative that the same author upload the paper(s), review, and approved PDFs, and submit copyright form. (Only one e-mail address can be identified to a registration code).When you are done with the registration, you will be given a Registration Code, which will be needed to upload your paper in the following step. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE YOUR REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION CODE WITH ANYONE ELSE.
4. The IEEE PIMRC'12 Committee as well as our attendees expect accepted papers to be presented at the conference. IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (e.g., removal from IEEE Xplore) if the paper is not presented at the conference.

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ieee copyright form

Prior to uploading your camera-ready paper to EDAS, you will need to submit your IEEE copyright form also on EDAS.

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submit your paper

1. Your camera-ready paper must be submitted no later than 24th June 2012 in order to be included in the conference proceedings.
2. To submit your camera-ready paper, please go to EDAS, click on the "My Papers" button, and then upload your paper on the link provided. DO NOT go to Papers/Submit paper, since you will not find IEEE PIMRC'12 there.
3. You will need the following to upload your source file: Your registration code that will be given to you after you completed your Conference registration on-line.

If you experience any problems during the upload process of your paper on EDAS, please contact

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over length pages

PIMRC'12 will accept up to 1 extra page at an additional charge of $150 (+ 10% GST) per page.

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Do not delay in making VISA arrangements for entry into Australia if needed. Such arrangements are the responsibility of authors and other participants and may take up to a few months. If you need visa assistance you can get a letter through EDAS, or fill out the form here. Should the letter not suffice, and you require additional or special assistance, please contact Renee Testro at

For further information, please visit here.

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student travel grant information

IEEE PIMRC'12 Organising Committee is proud to announce that a limited number of Student Travel Grants (STG) will be available for student authors who have registered and co-authored an accepted paper in IEEE PIMRC 2012 , on a competition basis. Each award may range between $500 to $750 subject to travel reimbursement. Conditions for receiving an award are as follows.
1. The applicant must be a student member of the IEEE Communications Society.
2. The applicant must be a co-author of an accepted paper in IEEE PIMRC 2012.
3. The applicant must be a full-time student registered toward a Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D degree in computer science, engineering or related field in a college or university when submitting their applications.

A student who is awarded a student travel grant must attend the conference in person. The student must register, attend, and present the paper at the conference. During the expense reimbursement stage, the student must show the proof of having registered to attend the IEEE PIMRC 2012 conference. Payment will only be made to the student as long as the award recipient submits the expense report (with receipts) within 45 days after the conference. More details will be provided to the students who are selected to receive the STG award.

How to apply:
The application should be submitted electronically via EDAS. After logging into EDAS, click the "Travel Grant" tab at your EDAS home page, and then select "Student Travel Grant for IEEE PIMRC 2012". The application must include the following materials:
1. A reference letter from your advisor (your advisor can directly submit the reference letter on EDAS).
2. Your IEEE Student Membership number
3. Your up-to-date resume including your citizenship (required), and ethnicity and gender (optional, used to broaden the participation of under-represented students).
4. A half-to-one page letter to state the purpose of attending the conference.

Application deadline: 10 July 2012

Please address any question to the Student Travel Grant chair, Kumudu Munasinghe (, with mandatory subject title: "IEEE PIMRC 2012 STG Question: Your Last Name".


Non-discrimination: "IEEE is committed to the principle that all persons shall have equal access to programs, facilities, services, and employment without regard to personal characteristics not related to ability, performance, or qualifications as determined by IEEE policy and/or applicable laws."

For more information on the IEEE policy visit

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