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1] I am an author/co-author of a paper that has been accepted for the IEEE PIMRC '12 Conference. Is it possible for me to obtain a Visa for my family member/friend/colleague to attend the conference in Sydney?

Yes, that is possible. You will need to register that person on EDAS, and provide proof of this when requesting a Visa letter for them. Please email (with the subject line: Request for Visa) if you have any further questions regarding this, or if you would like to request a Visa letter.

What if they were to accompany me to Sydney, but not attend the conference?

If they will not be attending the conference, they will need to apply for a Tourist Visa through this website:

If they would like to attend the Conference Banquet Dinner or join you during lunch breaks, they will need to purchase a Conference Banquet Dinner, and/or additional Lunch Tickets. This can be done through EDAS.

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2] I have registered for the Conference, but payment will take a few days to clear. This means that I cannot submit my paper, what do I do?

We have taken into consideration that the processing period for payments may take a while to clear, so if this is the case, please send an email to (with the subject line: Delayed Payment Process) as soon as possible, with the following:
1. Proof of your payment
2. Your name
3. The title of your paper(s)

Once this is done and we have clarified this, we will allow a short extension.

* Please note: Once your payment clears, it is up to you to upload your paper as soon as possible.

What if my payment says 'Failed' or 'Error'?

Please contact the EDAS helpdesk, or your bank. If you still are unable to resolve the problem, please email

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3] I am a student who has had my paper accepted for the IEEE PIMRC '12 Conference. Will I be able to pay the Student Limited Registration and upload my paper to present?

Unfortunately student registration is not valid for paper upload. You will need to register at either the full or limited registration rate.

What if I was a student co-author and the other author(s) has paid full or limited registration, and uploaded the paper?

If you are a co-author, and the other co-author has paid full or limited registration, and has uploaded the paper under their registration, then it is fine for you to pay the Student Registration and present.

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4] My paper submission was accepted for the IEEE PIMRC '12 Conference, but when I applied for a Visa, I was told that the acceptance letter required proof of acceptance by the conference, i.e. a signature, and the letter generated by EDAS does not provide this. Where can I get one from?

If you require a revised acceptance letter for the purpose of applying for a Visa, please send an email to (with the subject line: Request for Revised Visa) with the following details, and we will be able to get back to you with one as soon as possible:
1. Full name
2. Title of your paper
3. Address (personal or of your educational institution)

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5] I need to obtain a refund/cancellation of my registration. How do I do this?

Please send an email to (with the subject line: Refund for Registration) with the payment receipt with which you require a refund, and we can organise this for you.

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6] I am having an issue regarding the fonts/images in the papers whilst uploading. What do I do?

We suggest that you contact EDAS helpdesk regarding this issue.

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7] I cannot upload my camera ready version of the paper, because EDAS says 'Registration Unpaid', even though I have paid. What do I do?

Please send an email to (with the subject line: Paid Registration Delay) with your payment invoice.

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